Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Author Application- Re-Opened

Hola people! Here is the application to work for this blog. You need to copy/paste it to the e-mail, and I need all applications by April 9th, 2012! New- Becoming a contributor allows exclusive access to locked features!

Username:_______________   Link to my blog:(Answer N/A if you do not have one)_______________

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Thank you for applying for the blog, "Simply Fabulous" owned by Fashion_Rebel. You will get your results by April 10th, 2012

Expanding My Blog

Hi, people! I have quite a few things I would like to let you know today, so read read read! First, let me just say that you guys at my school looked totally awesome in stripes, flowers, and cartoon characters today! I would like to give a shout-out to the girl in my fifth hour science class who wore a bright green Hello Kitty wearing a floral print bow shirt!
     Anyway, down to business! To make this blog more popular, I have decided to make this blog more than just about fashion! I have also put together a team of bloggers from my school to help with this project. But the thing is...I need two more people to help run the blog! So, I am giving you guys an application for you to e-mail the answers back to me! You can find the link to my e-mail address on my profile! So, just copy/paste the application into the e-mail and get started! I will give you the application in my next post! Cya!      --Fashion_Rebel

Monday, March 19, 2012

Current Trend Update: Cartoon Characters

To see more Minnie, click here
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days! I was busy looking for new trends! Anyway, so today at school, I saw, like five people wearing Minnie mouse shirts, and quite a few people wearing shirts with other characters on them, such as Hello Kitty, random smiley faces, Diary of a Wimpy Kid....etc. Anyway, I thought I would give you a few links to buy these T-shirts;

My Little Pony

Click Here For More on Kaboodle


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trend Update: Flowers!

Taylor Swift Rockin' a Floral Skirt

"Spring is almost near and what better way to welcome this season by unlocking your inner flower child? Floral skirts are the latest trend right off the runway! Which flower are you?" -FashionAddik (Their quote, not mine..)

     Hey Fashion lovers! Today, I reveal the new trend: Floral skirts! So, as you can see in the picture above, keeping it simple is what you should do. Just pair it with a white blouse, or just a tank-top. The skirt itself has soooo much detail, and you don't want to take attention away from it by adding a crazy shirt. Keep it simple with the make-up too. Like Taylor, wear LIGHT makeup, not too much, just a simple light pink lipstick will do just fine. As far as accessories, try something light and simple.      

   -Fashion_ Rebel

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seasonal Trend Contest

Each season, I host a trend contest on my blog so I can find the most creative ideas for new trends! Its time for everyone to express themselves and make their OWN trends! I don't expect many people to enter the first time, so there will be a mid-spring contest later. Anyway, here are the rules of the contest:
*Create an outfit and take a picture
*The outfit must be appropriate (would you wear it to school?)
*In the picture, you MUST be wearing sunglasses!
*Send me an e-mail with the picture attached, and a brief description of what the trend is.

New Trend Update Coming Soon!

Hey, Fashion lovers of the world! So, today my BBF (Best Blog Friend) zinzy33 sent me an e-mail saying that she spotted 54 girls at her school wearing stripes today, just during her lunch hour. So, stripes are still pretty popular. However, I have noticed that since spring is staring, flowers have been included in many outfits! I have seen flower skirts and dresses, flowers and flower headbands in girls' hair, and even some floral shoes. So, coming soon: Trend Update: Flowers! will be posted, with tips on how to include flowers in your daily fashion. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Runway Spring Trend: YELLOW!

The runway trends listed on elle.com show that this spring, the color yellow is totally IN! You can use these pictures as inspiration to make a yellow outfit of your own! If you go to the page on elle.com (click here to go to the page) you can vote for which outfit out of the groups of three you like best. Too see more of the yellow pictures on the page, click here

Photo Credit: Imaxtree

Current Trends Update: STRIPES!

$19.50 shopstlye.com 
So, stripes are totally IN right now in a few different areas. You should pay attention to this article if you like to keep up with the current trends, but wear with thought. You can't just go around wearing any lame (No offense striped shirt. You have to some clever  style to it! Here are some tips! First of all, if you are wearing a shirt like the one in the picture to the left, you should wear a shirt underneath that matches the colors of the shirt on top. If you are wearing a plain striped shirt (With no design on it), add an accessory like a necklace with a large pendant to draw more attention to the outfit.You can just wear jeans
 with your striped shirt, but if it's especially
$21.00 available at primopurses.com 
warm outside, you should wear a shorts or a skirt. It could be black, white, or matching the main color of your shirt. As for the shoes, if you are wearing jeans or long pants, consider wearing UGG boots (or a cheaper brand). If you are wearing a skirt or shorts, wear sandals or flip-flops. You can put your own spin on this outfit by doing something with your hair, like putting a flower or a clip in. You could also wear a bracelet or a few that match your shirt.

   I hope this trend update helped! If stripes are not "IN" where you live, send me an e-mail and title it "Help Me!", and tell me what is IN where you live, and I will give you some ideas! There is a link to my e-mail address on my profile page.

New Page: Fashion Haha!

Hey, everybody! Just wanted to tell you that I added a new page to my blog! It's called: Fashion Haha! It shows you some INSANE fashion that is very, um...creative! Have fun looking at the pictures and PLEASE lave comments! By the way, I also got my first e-mail for the, "Help Me!" section of the blog. You can check it out on the Help Me! page. There is a link to it in the pages widget.

My FIRST Post! Eeeep!

Hola everybody! Before I get started with posting, I would like to let you know that this blog is specifically aimed towards middle school/ high school kids, not adults. I don't know about what adults wear, and I don't CARE! So anyway, um, I''m not exactly sure how to start my blog...let's see..spring is coming..nobody really knows about my blog yet...that's it! If you are reading this, tell your friends about me! give them the link to my blog. Write this down, now!


Eeep! I can't wait to start posting about one of my most favorite things in the whole world- Fashion! I will give fashion suggestions for all tastes, whether you are into sporty fashion of wacky fashion! I will also give suggestions for every body type. If you want help for a specific event or any specific situation, post it in the comments, or e-mail me! You can find a link to my e-mail address on my profile!