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Hey, guys! This is the area where I post responses to the e-mails and comments I get, asking for help with fashion for a certain occasion. Send me an e-mail if you want help with your fashion! Title the e-mail, "Help Me!"

Email from: zinzy33

Hi, Fashion_Rebel! I need some help with fashion! You see, I have this neon-themed dance at my school, but I don't have any neon clothes to wear!! I don't have much to spend, either. All I have is a $25.00 gift card to DOTS and a $25.00 gift card to CLAIRE'S. Help!

My Reply: 
Hi, zinzy33. So, you need neon clothes with little to spend? Well, neon is really just REALLY REALLY REALLY (etc.) bright colors. Try using your gift cards to buy a bright T-shirt (Like really bright green, orange, yellow, or pink.) And then find a pair of pants or a skirt in another bright color. When you go to Claire's, try to find bright-colored accessories that stand out. You could buy jewelry, a headband... Also, see if you can find some bright shoes to wear. Look at home first, because shoes are a bit more expensive. If you have a white pair of shoes, you can get neon duct-tape and tape the shoes. I hope my suggestions helped! Thanks for e-mailing me when I have barely posted yet! I hope this will help you recommend this blog to your friends! Good luck!                       --Fashion_Rebel 

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  1. Thanks1 The dance was awesome, and I won a prize for my outfit! BTW, thanks for making me an author!