Wednesday, April 4, 2012

IN and OUT of March

Hey, everybody! Fashion_Rebel here! Since March has come to close, and April has started, it's time to tell you what is still IN from March, and what's OUT.
Colored Jeans
Mini Leather Boots

Floral print/flowers
Character Shirts

It's time for these to exit the world of trends...for now.Now, don't get me wrong, you can wear whatever you want, but I'm just sayin'....I know what I'm talkin' about. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Retiring Pages

Hey, guys!
I, well, Fashion_Rebel, has some sad news today. Since we need more room for new pages on this blog, we will need to take away some of the pages. The pages that will no longer be available as of today are;

  • Fashion Haha! 
  • "Simply Fabulous" Weekly Newsletter
  • Unsubscribe/Subscribe to Newsletter (To subscribe, just send an e-mail saying Subscribe or Unsubscribe)
  • AND- If we don't get at least 20 members by the end of the month, we will also retire- "Help Me!" (Which is our favorite page, so PLEASE don't let it go!)

 Sorry to take away so many pages from you guys, but you have to understand that organization and space IS important!

Catch you guys later,

A Quick Announcement

¡Hola, gente! Just a quick announcement. Since my page is locked (For now), I will be helping with the fashion blogging for a while! So, I have a new  update soon: Fabulous Fashion for Fabulous Prices!

VĂ©ale los individuos pronto,

Monday, April 2, 2012

How to Unlock my new Page!

¡Hey, gente del mundo! This is Zinzy33! You have probably noticed that my new page- "Most Embarrassing Moments" Is currently locked. It is locked because the page is very interactive, and can't be used until we have more members! So keep hittin' "Join This Site", so I can start posting! Do you want to unlock this page faster? New- Get Exclusive access by becoming a contributor! Apply now;

Something to Look Forward to This Spring! And- "Follow Us!" Reward!

Hey, people! I have some news! Early in June, we are going to have our very own "Fashion Week', where we honor the top 10 trendsetters and trends of Spring 2012! But not only that! Each different author will have their own Top 10 lists that week! There will be a music top 10, a top 10 for most embarrassing moments, (A column that will open when we have more followers), and many more! So now you have something to look forward to this spring!

But wait, there's more! You will notice that there is a widget on the home screen that shows you our goal of followers! We have decided that we will open up new, awesome, interactive columns when we have more people to participate! So, you will see locked features around the blog for a while until we reach our goal. Our first goal is 50 followers! So remember to click, "Join this Site", if you wanna see some AWESOME new features!


Now Released: The "Simply Fabulous" Newsletter!

Hey, everybody! By looking at the title, you are probably wondering, "Hmm, since people were stupid and retired friend connect and replaced it with Google+, how are we supposed to have a newsletter?". Well, here is the answer; the old-fashioned way! I will need all of my follower's e-mail addresses ASAP, but no later than Friday, please. Just e-mail me at; Fashion_Rebel- Contact Me- E-mail. And even though it will tell me the e-mail address when you send it, still please type it out! And in the e-mail ,please include the content from the "Subscribe to" part of this page;
Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Newsletter

- There will also be a page for the newsletter in case you don't want it sent to you, or you aren't currently following this blog.

Thanks everybody,

New Section: Musical Meaning!

Hey, people! This is Musical_Meaning, the newest author of this blog, and I would like to tell you about my new page, "Musical Meaning"! This page will be all about music, and which artists, songs, albums, etc. are in right now and popular! You can visit my page here: Musical_Meaning's Page

See you soon!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm Back!

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I have been soooooo busy. Anyway, I have some news! Some people submitted applications for the open slots, but not enough, so I have re-opened the application!   But the other thing is, the seasonal trend contest for spring starts today! Send me your pictures!! Here is a link to the rules:

Seasonal Trend Contest Spring 2012 Rules

AND, since nobody filled the 3 open slots on this blog, If you still want to- here is the link:

Blog Author Application Spring 2012